Based on the data obtained during the preparatory work with OIL PRODUCTION LTD, CYPRUS, experimental work has been carried out, the results of which allow to integrate and adapt existing types of horizontal pyrolysis reactors into the Technology of Recycling Used Tires, developed by Coral Group.


The reconstruction of production for the full-scale industrial introduction of the developed technology for production of water-fuel emulsion in Ukraine and abroad has begun.


According to the results of the second year of operation of PE Trans Logistic vehicles on Emulsion Diesel Cleansing, during the period from March to December 2017, 1,013,129 km were passed, 583,396 liters of EDC were consumed. According to the conclusion of  PE  “Trans Logistic” dated December 18, 2012, “The operating life of injectors and fuel filters, while working on DCE , as well as the engine oil life, are in accordance with their standard terms of operation for diesel fuel. Economic efficiency from the use of DCE , declared by the manufacturer, was maintained throughout this period. ”


The Scientific Institute of System Studies, Kiev, conducted research of samples of used motor oil of cars that operated in 2016. on DCE . Based on the results obtained, February 21, 2017.  a conclusion of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, was issued, which, in particular, stated: “- after 30 000 km run all the indicators are in the working area, the engine is in good condition; – the results of the study of oil allow us to assume the possibility of increasing the service life of motor oil due to the cleaning properties of DCE  »


The results of the operation of the cars of PE “Trans Logistic” on the Emulsion Diesel Cleansing for the period from 04 April to 15 December 2016 are summed up. For this period  3669962 km  were passed , 983732 litres of DCE  were spent. According to the conclusion of the PE “Trans Logistic” dated December 19, 2016, “The operation of cars   was made without any additional adjustments to engines and fuel equipment. Terms of operation of injectors and fuel filters, when working on DCE , meet their normative terms of operation on diesel fuel. ”


Through its own gas station, the commercial implementation of Emulsion Diesel Cleansing  (DCE ) production of company Coral has started.


The works on the installation of a gas station in the territory of the PE “Trans Logistic” for refueling cars with an emulsion of diesel cleaning  have  been  finished,


With positive results, a check was completed in the Allians (Israel) laboratory for a new development of our specialists – an insulating compound for unvulcanized rubber sheets


A contract was signed with the PE “Trans Logistic” on the industrial use by motor vehicles of the enterprise of the emulsion of diesel cleaning


The Nondisclosure Agreement was signed between Coral and Baran Israel Ltd and joint work was begun to implement the developed technology for processing used tires


Construction and installation work on the construction of an industrial site for the production of an emulsion of diesel cleaning  have been fiished

As a result of the work carried out, a two-way Act of PE “Trans Logistic” and Coral on the absence of abnormalities in the work of a car on a water fuel emulsion is made.


Conclusion KHPI on the safety of aggregates and engine components when working on a water-fuel emulsion of Coral is received. Based on the results of bench tests conducted from 23.04.2014 to 23.07.2014.was issued.


A contract was concluded with PE “Trans Logistic” on carrying out during a month of comparative testing of a car running on a fuel oil emulsion and performing normal routes at standard loads


The final act on the performance of work under the Agreement with the Ukrainian Chemical Energy Company was signed. The project documentation was transferred to the Customer


The presentation one-day working route by MAZ-500 vehicle of the transport company PE “Trans Logistic” of the network of supermarkets ATB was performed.


Within the framework of the Agreement with the Ukrainian Chemical Energy Company, an engineering and environmental survey of the prospective construction site  was carried out.


With the “Ukrainian Chemical Energy Company” a contract was concluded on the performance of pre-design works on linking the technology of processing used tires to the operating infrastructure of the Customer in Lugansk region


With PJSC “InterMicro Delta, Inc.” (formerly Dniproshina) a contract was concluded for the establishment on the territory of the plant of an experimental workshop for processing tires using Coral technology


A visit was made by a delegation of technical experts from KSTU to Dnepropetrovsk to familiarize themselves with the work of the pilot plant.


In the factory laboratories of KZTU, quality checks of the carbon filler for rubbers and liquid products obtained using the CORALL GROUP technology have been successfully completed.


A presentation of the technology of processing used tires at the Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant (KZTU) was held.