Diesel fuel

The scientific and production investment company Coral Invest Technologies has developed a diesel cleaning emulsion – DCE.

It is produced in accordance with the approved technical specifications TU U 20.5-34986360-001: 2015

DCE is designed to remove carbon from the working surfaces of cylinders, pistons, heads, valves and nozzles of high-speed diesel and gas turbine engines of ground and ship machinery using plunger fuel pumps in fuel systems.


Cleaning of the working surfaces is carried out during the operation of the engine without disassembly and special repair measures.

Important additional advantages are a long period of stability and economic attractiveness (DCE  is cheaper than conventional diesel fuel).

At the stage of development and experiments (2010 – 2013), the emulsion passed bench tests at the National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”, road tests on city bus routes and route taxis in Dnepropetrovsk and heavy trucks BelAZ 7522 in the quarries of Dneprodzerzhinsk .

Since April 25, 2014. till  September 1, 2014. The National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” conducted tests for the safety of the engine while working on DCE . The tests were carried out according to specially designed cycles in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation. After every 100 operating hours of the diesel engine, the micrometers of the cylinder-piston group parts were inspected and the fuel injectors were checked.

As a result of the conducted studies, it was concluded that DCE  does not adversely affect the reliability of the diesel engine.

Checking the walls of the cylinders, the pistons did not show any signs of corrosion, oxidation or point depressions. The data of measurements of the geometry of cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings and grooves of piston rings after the operation of the diesel fuel on DCE  fuel found no deviations from the technical requirements.

The carbon on the bottom of the pistons, in the ring grooves and in the exhaust path is smaller.

The fuel pump and fuel injectors in the process of research have remained operational in accordance with the technical requirements.

Stability of the cylinder-piston group operation and good running-in of pistons and piston rings to cylinder liners are noted.


Since April 2016, DCE  is used by cars of PE “Trans Logistic”, serving the network of supermarkets ATB. For the specified period the total run of cars on DCE has made 4,8 million km. Based on the control of the technical condition of cars and research on the state of waste oil conducted by the Kiev Institute for System Studies, the Kharkov Polytechnic University issued a certificate confirming the positive effect of DCE  properties on the technical state of the engine and increasing both its resource and the life of the engine oil.

 Diesel fuel Diesel fuel

It should be noted that the use of DCE  in engines is carried out without any structural changes in the nodes of the fuel equipment and power systems of the machines.


Advantages of DCE  over standard diesel fuel:

  1. Effective reduction of atmospheric pollution by toxic components of exhaust gases on average:

– nitrogen oxides – 3 times;

– carbon monoxide – 2 times;

– Smoke – 2 times.

  1. reduction of carbon formation at least 25%
  2. increase in the engine’s engine life, i.e., lower operating costs
  3. economic feasibility


It is especially important to note the important advantage of using DCE  instead of standard diesel fuel in military equipment.

     This advantage – fire safety: DCE  extinguishes fires.