High Efficiency Water Purifier

High Efficiency Water PurifierIn order to obtain water of high quality of purification, the specialists in our company have developed a liquid water purifier. The product is produced by the company “Coral Technology LTD.” under the trademark “Electus”. For home usage Electus™ is produced in plastic bottles of 0.5L and 0.25L volume. The purification process is simple, and does not require electrical power, can be performed in any jug, but for customer convenience the company produces 10L and 20L containers, specially designed for the use of the product.

High Efficiency Water PurifierHigh Efficiency Water PurifierFor purification of tap water, the dosage of Electus™ is 1ml per 1L of water, which makes its storage and transportation very easy. Moreover, after use the water requires no further filtering, as the product cleans out both biological and chemical agents.

The company also produces automated purification mechanisms for industrial usage.

High Efficiency Water PurifierFor treatment of water in swimming pools, artificial ponds, reservoirs for fish cultivation and other pure water consumers, the company has developed the product “Electus-pool”.

 Because of the long lifetime of the product and its biological properties, one of its usages is as stock for emergency supply of water. The product has been recommended by the national ministry of emergencies (download pdf).

The presence of polymeric hydroxychloride forms with big molecular weight is the favorable distinctive feature of effectiveness of the product. It differs from such traditional coagulants and flocculants used in technology of water filtering as aluminium sulphate and ferric sulphate , polyacrylimide

The activity of the produced polymer is provided by the purity of the technology and use of analytically selected and experimentally confirmed catalisators and stabilisation additives.

Technical advantages provide:

  • Better coagulation that allows to lessen the product dosage by 2-3 times in comparison with other coagulants and flocculants. It increases filtering effect in 1.5-3 times.
  • Lessen the time of coagulant
  • Effective water filtering at a wide range of temperatures
  • Effective water filtering at a wide range of PH. Virtually the product does not lessen the level of PH, alkaline water solution being used for purification of weak-acid  and alkaline waters
  • Fewer water salification and reducing acid corrosion in comparison with other coagulants.
  • Decrease of suspended load. Even extra dosage of coagulant will not result in its increase.
  • Effective water disinfection because the product has good antibacterial qualities that allow not to use additional water chlorination or ozonation

Coagulant has a set of features not characteristics of the other ones. It can be used in processes of quick, maximal effective and economic profitable physical and chemical water filtering.

  • It can be used for:
  • Filtering drinking water.
  • Cleaning of artificial water bodies, water pools.
  • Partial filtering of industrial, agricultural and sanitary wastewater.
  • Radioactive water filtering.
  • Medical drugs production.
  • Cosmetic goods production.
  • Catalyst production.
  • Water preparation in thermal electric stations, state district power plants, boiler rooms.
  • In food, canning, meat and milk industries, etc.
  • In porcelain, faience production durability of good is increased in 2-3 times.
  • In other industries where clean water is urgent.

The results of the State Sanitary and Epidemic Expertise of the coagulant “ELECTUS” prove that it is in conformity with requirements of sanitary legislation of Ukraine. The expert’s decision of the State Sanitary and Expertise of the Ministry of Ukraine  № 05 .03.02-04/25918 of 29.06.2004 (download pdf)

A comparison table, which shows a significant decrease of hazardous materials in tap and river waters, can be found here: (download pdf).

NoTestSample TypeResultsNorms(2874-82)
1Smell at 60CTap water312
2TasteTap water212
3ColourfulnessTap water20.3410.3320
4Turbidity (mg/dm3)Tap water1.30.91.5
5The pH valueTap water7.27.156-9
6Total iron (mg/dm3)Tap water0.270.040.3
7Manganese (mg/dm3)Tap water0.08160.02040.1
8Copper (mg/dm3)Tap water0.01<0.011
9Polyphosphates (mg/dm3)Tap water<0.0103.5
10Dry residue (mg/dm3)Tap water352.8344.81000
11Aluminum (mg/dm3)Tap water0.070.0380.5
12Nitrites (mg/dm3)Tap water0.0530.00173.3
13Nitrates (mg/dm3)Tap water1.071.03245
14Hardness (mg equivalent/dm3)Tap water1.9781.9327
15Permanganate oxidizability (mg O2/dm3)Tap water7.62.424
16Ammonium (mg/dm3)Tap water0.3590.3492
17Alkalinity (mg equivalent/dm3)Tap water5.1753.2256
18Total microbial numberRiver waters14438<100
19The E.Coli index    (the coliform bacterium in dm3)River waters93<3<3
20Petroleum products (mg/dm3)Model mix20.45
21Chromium (mg/dm3)Model mix6.356.2
22Lead (mg/dm3)Model mix0.780.47
23Total hardness (mg/dm3)Model mix42.628

The following are the results of tests of the use of the product of effluents and waist waters.


Sample number:1073610737
After purification
0.5 ml/L2 ml/L
NH4f as Nmg/L5.75.1

Waist waters

Sample number:1073810739
After purification
5 ml/L7 ml/L
NH4f as Nmg/L34.530.5

Additional tests on waters contaminated with E Coli, Salmonella, Shigella and Hepatitis A were preformed. The results show significant decrees of the above bacteria and viruses (download pdf).

Coagulation – the most efficient method of water purification in large quantities, as it performs a compound procedure and allows a considerable reduction in disinfectants. The coagulant glues together the smallest filth particles, bacterium and microseaweed, then these pollutants are easily picked up by the filtration system.

High Efficiency Water PurifierCoagulation: All the admixtures that are found in the water, one can divide into insoluble, i.e. particles with deferent sizes and shapes (visible or invisible for the naked eye), and which can be filtered out or upholded, and soluble, that can not be cleaned out using the above mentioned methods, including various types of biological agents, such as microbes, viruses, bacteria, etc. For their removal a coagulant is entered into the water, whose molecules attract different types of pollutants, forming insoluble particles with them and dropping down or emerging on the surface. Thus practically all the contaminants are excreted.

The correlation between quality of drinking water – it’s chemical and biological composition and health conditions of the population and their longevity, has long been known. Thus the level of drinking water is of paramount importance.

The main use of the product developed by the company is purification of drinking water. Coagulant Electus™ is part of ecologically safe coagulants.

The process of coagulation has been known for some time. The difficulty is, to extract the contaminants from the water, by using the smallest possible dosage of coagulant. The main advantage of coagulant Electus™ is that by using ecologically clean components, and special production technology a highly effective non-organic polymer is created.

Water purified by Electus™ answers to all European standards for drinking water.

Coagulant Electus™ cleans the water from different contaminants:

  • Poisonous chemical substances
  • Mineral oil products
  • Salts of heavy metals (iron, copper, lead, mercury, zinc, etc.)
  • Harmful organic connections, such as dioxides (a result of contact of chlorinated water and organic connections)
  • Radioactive connections
  • Pesticides, poisonous chemicals, nitrates, nitrites, etc.
  • Different types of bacteria
  • Entroviruses
  • Simple pathogens

The coagulant Electus™ has passed the National sanitation and epidemiological expertise, and has the necessary conclusions of the Ministry of health of Ukraine. A wide spectrum of tests on different types of waters was performed in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The highest requirements to water purity are in pharmaceutical industry. A well known pharmaceutical concern Softpharma has given Electus™ the highest grade, by rating it as usable in the production of medicine (download pdf).

Experience has shown that continuous use of coagulant Electus™ helps ease digestive tract illnesses. The coagulant Electus™ cleans the water from radionuclides, is not toxic and does not form secondary hazardous connections in water.  After purification the water does not require boiling, as its bacterial count is considerable reduced during the coagulation process. Over dosage of the product does not reduce the organic properties of the water.

High Efficiency Water PurifierIn the development of this technology, specialists from Ukraine and Israel are involved.

From Ukraine:

Dr. Prof. Fedin A.V.

Dr. Orlenko U.E.

Dr. Prof. Meknikov B.I.

Dr. Gereev Sh.Z.

Dr. Shevchenko A.A.

The technical part of the project was developed by the centre for chemical technologies of the National academy for technical sciences.

Dr. Bereznitsky V.S.
Dr. Zhigailo B.D.
Dr. Muhachev A.P.

From Israel:
PhD. Bentzman G.
MSc. Feider T.A.

The experimental bases for chemical and biological effectives of the product is provided by UMZ, Dnepropetrovsk.

Complex of technical studies on the final product was provided by Sofrpharma concern.