How We Have Fun

car1The core of Coral’s personnel is scientist. This is a very specific type of workforce and thus they need to be stimulated accordingly.

The scientists in Coral GROUP have extraordinary ideas, which under normal circumstances would not be accepted as projects to be developed in the company, however, they can be developed just for “fun”.

Several such “projects” occupy the free time of our staff, one of them is a new field – car.

car2To satisfy the curiosity of Coral’s scientific staff, a new automobile is being constructed. It is based on several mass produced automobiles and, when finished will be one of a kind.

With exceptional agility and fine road characteristics this “project” will bring new life to an old used car.

The scientists use parts from different vehicles with innovative ways of combining them, to get a totally new entity.


car3After several month of afterhours work, the new Coral-Buggy is finally complete. The new automobile represents the zealousness and determination of the curious minded scientists at Coral GROUP. As all Coral’s projects, this vehicle is full of unique solutions, that come together to form an elegant entity.





car4 car5