Since its establishment the Coral GROUP has brought to life more than a dozen theoretical conjectures, tested the ideas and constructed industrial scale prototypes. One of the company’s projects has grown into a full scale industrial production line, whose products have hit the shelves nearly two years ago.

factoryA factory for production of water purifier “Electus™” was established early in 2006. With total monthly production of 360 tons of bottled, liquid drinking water purifier and several other products, it is a bona fide proof of the potential for innovations of the company.

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electus1The product include

“Electus™” for drinking water purification

“Electus™ – pool” for cleaning of water bodies

“Electus™ – universal”

The trade mark of the product ”ELECTUS”, coagulant – aluminium hydroxychloride is the substance of variable content and belongs to the class of polyhydroxychloride aluminium. The activity of the produced polymer is provided by the purity of the technology and use of analytically selected and experimentally confirmed catalysator and stabilisation additives.

The products are used for

  • Filtering drinking water.
  • Cleaning of artificial water bodies, water pools.
  • Partial filtering of industrial, agricultural and sanitary wastewater.
  • Radioactive water filtering.
  • Medical drugs production.
  • Cosmetic goods production.
  • Catalyst production.
  • Water preparation in thermal electric stations, state district power plants, boiler rooms.
  • In food, canning, meat and milk industries, etc.
  • In porcelain, faience production durability of goods is increased in 2-3 times.
  • In other industries where clean water is paramount

For home and industrial purification, special apparatuses are produced, making it both easy and economically unweighty on the customer.