Lead Free Car Battery

The consumption of lead in automobile batteries production is on the level 1kg/amp-h and has reached 10 million tons per year. The scarcity of lead, related with the exhaustion of the accessible deposits of polymetallic ores within the next few years is expected. Today large portions of used lead is exhibited into the environment. Personnel of battery factories constantly undergo lead intoxication.

We propose the development and production of automobile storage batteries without lead or zinc content, on the basis of redox-potentials of transition metals. Laboratory experiences have shown that chemical-battery power supply on this basis has high currents of discharge, small self-discharge and capacity 4 times higher than lead batteries, and does not contain toxic materials.

Automobile storage battery with a capacity of 55 amp-hr will have a mass of 10-15 kg, a period of service of approximately 3 years, and will not be sensitive to low temperatures. Because of the heavy stocks of transition metals ores, the cost of this storage battery not will exceed 15 dollars