Unit for blast-furnace blast with pulverized-coal fuel.

Allows to substitute 50% of coke with cheap coal.


New form of diamonds faceting.

At the expense of improving dispersion of light provides more vivid shine of diamond (color of glares) than after other forms of faceting.


Unit for laser faceting of diamonds.

Allows to facet diamonds faster and more precisely than using applied manual technology. Outcome of ready diamonds from raw materials is twice larger than the one of manual technology.


Battle solid state laser with chemical pumping.

The impulse energy reaches several megajoules and the mass of working unit is several dozen grams. It is possible to equip with battle parts of anti-aircraft missiles and micro satellites with laser assemblings.


System for earthquakes prediction.

Allows to define the location and time of subsequent earthquake shock with precision unreachable by other methods. Cost of project development, including production of serial sample of system is about ? $450 000. Prospective selling price of one package of equipment and software for the system of earthquakes prediction is several million dollars.


Vibro-direct-flow jet engine.

Jet engine for flights with subsonic and ultrasonic speeds. Intake and compression of air is reached by changing section of opening of direct-flow engine. The engine is notable for reliability, simplicity, cheapness, long lifetime, good specific impulse, manufacturability in production.


Using air rotor of original construction apparatus with the same carrying capacity is twice more economic than helicopter. Apparatus has good steadiness, maneuverability, is notable for simplicity, cheapness, reliability.


Apparatus for ramming of building sites.

Allows to quickly bring the apparent density of sites to maximal.


Device for economic cooling of large volumes.

The device represents an original system for heat (cooling) energy accumulation at winter time. It allows to cool large volumes (products warehouses) or squares (ice stadiums) without energy consumption.


Electric drive for vehicle.

Provides smooth change of wheels revolution speed of an automobile under maximal torque. Prevents from thrashing of wheels when braking as well as at getaway. Does not have friction node.


Two-component quick-hardening polymeric-concrete blends.

Used in construction and mining works. Time of complete hardening makes up a couple of hours (conventional concrete – a couple of days), and produced out of wastes.


Thermal-electromagnetic generator.

Allows production of electricity at the expense of fuel burning with coefficient of efficiency of more than 60%. Does not have moving parts, has a long lifetime. Allows reliably regulating and synchronizing along of alternate current, power from dozens of kilowatts to dozens of megawatts


Internal-combustion engine of rotor type without friction details.

Has increased coefficient of efficiency, small size, long lifetime.