Recycling of tires



Coral GROUP is glad to present one of its finest developments, an ecologically clean and financially beneficial method of recycling of worn-out automobile tires.

Worn-Out Automobile tires

The Problem

Used car tires (WAT), and their constant growth, are a serious environmental problem in all countries of the world. More than 11 million tons of WAT annually go out of use in the world. Only 23 percent find some use. The rest cannot be disposed of in any way, due to the unacceptability of the final disposal products. Spent tires are crushed into crumbs or transferred to tire regenerate (TSP). Both the crumbs and RFT have very limited demand, in fact, one type of garbage is processed into another. When processed by standard pyrolysis, the mineral part, and this is 30% of the tire weight, is secondary waste.

Meanwhile, the annual growth rate of the number of WAT is increasing by 5.5%, and the requirements of the legislation of leading countries are being tightened. Thus, according to EU directives, processed products should be considered as a source of secondary raw materials or alternative energy, and not repeated waste.



The Israeli company Coral Group has developed and patented an environmentally friendly and cost-effective tire recycling technology.

The main difference from existing technologies is that 100% of the tire is processed into commercial products, without any subsequent refinement and secondary waste.

At the output of the Tire Processing Complex, there are three products:

  • Thermal and / or electrical energy
  • Scrap metal in the form of standard briquettes for metallurgy
  • Carbon-containing filler for the production of new tires and rubber products – the basis of the economic efficiency as part of the marketing work, the carbon-containing filler was successfully tested by the Russian tire manufacturer Nortec Tires (Altai Tire Plant). The company is ready to purchase the entire volume of two processing complexes. In addition, the product was tested by Pirelli (Italy), Alliance (Israel), TGL (Israel).

All rights to the invention are protected in accordance with international practice. Currently, with this technology, preparations are underway for the construction of a processing complex in Israel. The cost of the processing complex (10,000 tons per year for incoming raw materials – used tires and plastic waste) is 1.9 million. Euro. The payback period is 1 year.

When calculating economic efficiency, the cost of all commodity products produced by the processing complex are taken at a 15% discount on their market value.

At the moment, the initial data for the design are ready, the main equipment has been selected and preliminary negotiations have been held with its manufacturers.

Lots of carbon-containing filler for marketing activities are produced at a full-cycle industrial demonstration plant.

Our financial advisor is KPMG (Israeli branch)