Roofing TETF-Bottles


The consumption of polyethylene terephthalate PETP in the production of water bottles in the world has reached 20 million tons per year. Sanitary regulations prohibit the reuse of PETP for production of new bottles. Utilisation PETP into technical fibers for production, for example, of textile fiber is prevented by the instability of polymer under repeated heating and the impossibility of colour sorting of the bottles.

We proposed a utilisation of PETP into the roofing, whose colour is determined by the addition of mineral pigments. The one time heating of PETP during the production of materials ensures the retention of the mechanical properties of materials and low energy needs. The separation of labels, checking rings and glue occurs in the automatic regime. The technology of continuous molding of sheet moldings makes it possible for one line to produce up to 10 thousand square meters of roofing in a 24 hour period out of 30 tons of PETP by-products.

The produced material is steadfast to the sunlight and the sediments, the service period is about 25 years. Prime cost of the material is 2-3 dollars. (depending on the cost of electric power).