Sulphure Extraction


It is known that in the Black sea the boundary of zone of the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide is located at the depths of 150-300 m, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide dissolved under pressure of 15-30 atm reaching 1,2 gl in sea water. In 1 thousand cubic meters there is about 1 ton of sulfur. Taking into account the accessibility of raw material, production of sulfur from sea water can become a super-profitable enterprise. Processing hydrogen sulfide into high-purity sulfur has long ago been mastered at the coke, gas- and oil-refineries (arsenic method), however, because of the ecological danger, unwieldiness of equipment and high capital and operational expenditures, it cannot be realised in the Black sea.

Moreover the rise of hydrogen sulfide water to the surface will be accompanied by energetic isolation of hydrogen sulfide from the water with the pressure relief (similar to the “effervescence” of champagne when a bottle is opened). This can lead to poisoning of personnel and pollution of the air pond, and also to the explosion of hydrogen sulfide.

We propose a technology of electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen sulfide to elementary sulfur of high cleanliness without the lift of hydrogen sulfide to the surface – directly at the depth of 150-300 m. Further processing consists of washing out salts with fresh water, drying and packaging the final product.

Thus, processing hydrogen sulfide into high-purity sulfur occurs at the depth, ensuring ecological and technological safety.