Top Personalities


Mr. Teplitsky Alexander MSc

Chairman and CEO

Specialist in electrical engineering and process engineering

A graduate of “Gornyi” Institute in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Dr. Madatov A.V.

Dr. Madatov A.V.
Chief Scientific Officer

Mr. Lifshitz O.M

Mr. Lifshitz O.M
Chief Production Officer

Mrs. Stupenko V.I.

Mrs. Stupenko V.I.
Chief Analytics Officer

Top Personalities

Mr.Teplitsky V.A. Economic & Market Analysis and International Affairs

Prof. Dzyura E.A.

Prof. Dzyura E.A.
Head of Scientific

Prof. Yushko V.L.

Prof. Yushko V.L.
Chief Scientst of Technological
Development Department

Mr. Milkov U.V.

Mr. Milkov U.V.
Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Korobko V.V.

Dr. Korobko V.V.
Chief Technocian on
Oil Distilation

Mrs. Zdorovets E.A. – “Electus” Production Director
Dr. Orlenko U.E. – Technical Supervisor of Water Purification
Dr. Parsadanov I.V. – Internal combustion engines and fuel injection equipment
Dr. Podolsev A.D. – Electrodynamics and process efficiency
Dr. Shevchenko A.A. – Biology and Chemistry
Prof. Snezhko L.A. – Fuel Gydrophication
Prof. Burmistrov K.S. – Absorbent Chemistry
Prof. Beshta A.S. – Electro Engines
Dr. Bashev V.F. – Metal Physics
Prof. Starovoit A.G. – Metallurgical Fuels
Dr. Ilin V.G. – Physical Chemistry
Dr. Peltek I.I. – High Energy
Dr. Chumicheva N.P. – Technical Carbon
Dr. Nadutyi V.P. – Technical Supervision
Dr. Emelianov U.V. – Rubber mixtures